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Visualising natural health and wellbeing

Aleris is one of Scandinavia’s leading private healthcare companies with around 8,500 employees across 350 units in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The company is highly diverse and includes hospitals, medical centres, home care services, diagnostics, child welfare, mental healthcare, care for the elderly and facilities for the disabled. Its services are used by the public sector, businesses, insurance companies and private individuals.

The target audience had a low awareness of Aleris and perceived their visual identity as generic and outdated. Many different sub-brands within the company had led to confusion of the brand and a chaotic brand hierarchy. The new overarching aim of the company was to increase brand awareness and to make Aleris an attractive choice to it’s target audience. Our challenge was to unify the organisation with a one-brand strategy and to create a stronger, more unified visual identity.

The new visual identity is based on health and wellbeing. The new logotype was inspired by the yearly rings of a tree which symbolise growth, life and the care Aleris provides for its customers through all stages of life – from childbirth to elderly care. It is a modern monogram with an inherent human vitality. The combination of a friendly typeface, refreshing color palette, harmonious pictograms and a realistic image library creates an overall impression of vitality, health, empathy and warmth.

The style of the symbol is reflected in all graphic elements of the new identity such as the pictograms and symbols which have been uniquely crafted for Aleris.

Examples of exterior and interior branding. In close collaboration with the client and Tengbom Architects we developed a brand new experience for physical environments including everything from signage to custom made furniture.

The idea for the new symbol came from the tree’s growth rings, symbolising how Aleris provide care during all stages of life.

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