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Pieces of a puzzle

When Bold was assigned to develop a new identity for The Swedish National Archaeological Department – the leading archaeological consultants in Sweden – we chose to interpret their methods, tools and way of working. This resulted in an elevated, modern brand experience that portrays the playfulness and intricacy of the archaeological business: The laying of a puzzle – creating clarity from fragments.

The new identity reflects what the company does and takes its cues from how archeologists work. We were inspired by how seemingly insignificant details and objects are analyzed and tell the archeologists a story. Inspired by the systematic working methods of archeologists, the new logotype opens up a thought process with fragments that provide clues to the overall picture, like objects dug up at an excavation or pieces of a puzzle. 

The fragments from the logotype as well as the archeologist’s tool, the scale bar, are used as recurring graphic elements throughout the identity. The scale bar pattern is not only a visual element but becomes a useful working tool in the identity, for example on the new business cards. The new stationery also hides a puzzle where the pieces need to be placed the right way to reveal the A from the logomark.

Another important inspiration was how archeologists work at excavations gridding up the area in question. This became the foundation for the new layout system, used for all printed and digital material, as well as the way images are cropped to create consistency and recognition.

"Our new logotype is modern yet timeless, and our organization wear it with pride. It was exactly the renewal and inspiration we needed."

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