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Built for speed.

Some results since launch:
– Spontaneous awareness increased with 73%
– Visual awareness increased with 72%
– After release of new brand ATG had their highest turnover to date

ATG, the main provider of horse betting in Sweden and one of the country’s most recognised brands, tasked us for its biggest visual redesign since 1974. Our approach was to build an identity around pace and movement that was well suited for all their platforms. The outcome strengthened and modernised the brand significantly and was well received by a very hard-to-please target group: The horse betting punters.

ATG is more than a betting company. It also plays a big role in the trotting society and is heavily involved in everything from horse owners to races and events on tracks all over Sweden. ATG is one of Sweden’s most recognised brands, as the ATG sign is featured on over 2000 local shops across the country.

Bold was asked to create a new visual identity that reflects the pace and strength that ATG stands for today – the combination of live sport and live gaming. The identity should keep together the broad world of ATG, including tracks, resellers, websites, digital betting stations, communication, new identities for all events, TV-productions etc. Recognition was important, because of the history of the logotype as well as the gradual pace of implementation. The aim was also to lift forward and clarify the main products – games such as V75, V86 and V65. The entire new identity is built around pace and movement. The new logotype has kept the colours but more pace and modernity has been added through the new horse icon and updated shape. The new pattern was created inspired by the pace of horses in a race, while the typography gives a sporty look with its leaning shape and the combination of sharp and rounded forms. The main products – V75, V86, V65 and V4 – have become their own strong brands, with their own logotypes and colours.

The ATG logotype is inspired by the speed of a horses head as it crosses the finish line.

"Bold has managed to create an identity that holds together the entire ATG brand on all platforms, and succeeded with the objective to visualize that horse racing is something very alive and exciting."

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