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With the idea of using containers, Bikeloop can store up to 30 bikes with only a 7,8 sqm footprint. As the main focus is to create a user-friendly and engaging brand experience, Bold has created a welcoming and inclusive brand voice, identity, and toolbox. By strategic design and brand strategy, Bold has made a high-tech product easy to understand- for new investors, partners, and bikers.

The brand and visual identity were built around bikeloops collaborative force and how it enables you to explore and get to know your surroundings through the service. Inspired by the paternoster system and an animated character of a never-ending loop, we built a design system that always loops vertically, encouraging you to move around. Working with Rund from Letters From Sweden, we chose a geometrical font that keeps us in the essence of biking, movement, and simplicity.

Through a brand strategy, we made several decisions that became evident for Bikeloop to perform as a commercial company. With pain points for the users being a big deal, we needed to simplify the parking experience as much as possible. Through the extensive mapping of the Bikeloop App, we explored different ways of onboarding, booking a slot, and retrieving your bike, carefully remembering the innovative and unparalleled service Bikeloop presents. Competing against two-click parking around a fence, we needed to be smart and to the point to get Norwegian bikers to pay for a new service like this, and connecting the physical experience through the app helped differentiate the service.

The key to getting loops in physical environments is all about collaboration between partners and the community. Our guiding brand essence: “boosting urban mobility by collaborating for a more significant impact,” became a fundament to follow. For urban bikers and our target groups, we needed to launch a service that felt like it came from the city, a noncommercial service enabling bikers to get around, experience the city and park their bikes safely. Developing more products and services within the Bikeloop family will provide a safe and easy user experience and a sustainable solution for greener cities. The Bikeloop hub is the newest product that is delivered as a factory-ready solution consisting of the Bikeloop itself, a SaaS Admin Suite, and a user-friendly end-user APP. The solution is modular and flexible and can easily be adapted to the environment in which it will be placed.

Illustration by Ole Magnus Saxegård
Motion by Federico Leggio

The motion behavior is inspired by the paternoster system inside the hub, a never-ending loop. We built a design system that constantly loops vertically and encourages you to move.

"We wanted to build a service uniting everyone on bikes in urban settings. Getting Bold in as a partner from the very start has been crucial for the launch. The team has been a driving force for finding strategic directions, creative excellence, and creating user-friendly brand experiences with a humoristic tone of voice and simplistic yet engaging design executions."

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