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Introducing Dramaten

Some results since launch:
Liking: +73%
Consideration: +74%
Average audience per month: +18%
Relevant design: +33%
Provocative design: +30%

We are proud to reveal the new brand identity for Dramaten, The Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre. We have created a new brand identity for Dramaten in line with their new artistic director Mattias Andersson’s vision, to create the national scene of the future – a meeting place for important contemporary issues that can attract a younger and wider audience.


The new brand identity is developed around the concept of friction. It’s a new cohesive approach to Dramatens identity, appearance and attitude that is not afraid to provoke or be perceived as controversial. It’s a classic institution with a long heritage, that stands in the middle of the present. It dares to stand for something new and unexpected.

Full case study coming soon.

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