A new sustainable cafe in the centre of Nørrebro

Greta’s offers fresh healthy meals using exclusively organic and sustainable produce. But Greta’s also offers something much more purposeful: a place to gather and belong in the heart of one of Copenhagen’s most multicultural neighbourhoods.

Greta’s fosters diversity and community empowerment through initiatives such as serving a mix of ethnic-inspired meals, a hiring policy that strives for integration, and the creation of a common space that celebrates diversity.

Greta’s resides in Nørrebro, Copenhagen’s cultural melting-pot, nestled amongst the constant traffic of bikes and passers-by.

Vibrant colours are inspired the ethnic diversity as well as the seasonality of the ingredients, while handdrawn illustrations bring the produce to life.

In order to hint to Greta’s multicultural and diverse offering, a combination of words from different languages, such as Danish, Turkish, Spanish, Polish and Italian, are used in various combinations.

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