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Simply Personal

With over 20 years of service and 3.7 million customers, If is the largest insurance company in the Nordic region. Many associate insurance with complexity and low engagement so therefore it needed a change. We scaled away the unnecessary and made insurance easy to care for by drawing attention to what matters the most. Simply Personal.

The visual expression has been refined through all channels to create coherency and user friendliness, for example by using significantly fewer components. The updated primary blue color acts as a guide on all platforms and is complemented by a new warm color palette. A new custom font – If Sans – ensures instant recognition and a new image style that removes the unnecessary to create clarity was developed.

"A brand identity with a foundation built on simplicity and care, with a focus on our customers to show that we care for and understand them on a personal level. We have together with Bold managed to create an identity simple in structure and function, yet with a warmth, character and an emotional expression"

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