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Lilla Hjärtat

Releasing children’s creativity

The pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat approached us to help create a concept for their child & baby product range. We named it ‘Lilla Hjärtat’ (The Little Heart) and invited children to unleash their creativity and show us their world, and the results were used for the packaging, bags, posters, stickers, and in the retail environment. The outcome is a concept where adults have to elevate themselves to children’s emotions.

Apotek Hjärtat is one of Swedens largest pharmacy chains with over 2000 employees and more than 300 pharmacies spread out all over Sweden. Our brief was to create a concept for Apotek Hjärtat´s child & baby products. The aim was to create a coherent and flexible design concept for packaging, retail environments and communication. We named it Lilla Hjärtat (The Little Heart).

Lilla Hjärtat is Apotek Hjärtat the children’s way. It’s not a place where we lower yourself to a child’s level, but rather one where we try and elevate ourselves to their emotions. We invited children to show us their world. Not an adults interpretation of it. Lilla Hjärtat is a concept for children, by children.

Different techniques were used to visualise the different product groups, and the children’s creations are what we used for the packaging, bags, posters, stickers, and the for the new retail environment. Naturally, each child’s name appears on their creation.

"Our launch of Lilla Hjärtat has been extremely well received. It feels fantastic to have succeeded in producing such a strong overall concept where everything from the packaging design, printed materials, advertising and in-store presentation fits together to create a coherent brand."

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