Mathem was founded in 2008 with the vision to simplify everyday life. What once started as picking the groceries in a store and driving them to customers has transcended into innovative and technical-driven e-commerce within groceries.

With their fast and easy-to-use product and services that enable home delivery, Mathem has quickly become the most prominent online grocery store in Sweden.

Our mission was to refresh and enhance Mathems brand platform, branding strategy, and visual identity. Our challenge was to connect the visual identity to the inspiring and playful values for Mathem and at the same time utilize the high recognition connected to Mathem, such as their name and pitch-black color.

The concept we’ve created – ”Taste Freedom”-is founded to make Mathems customers feel that their everyday life has been simplified and more inspired by using their product and services.

We’ve created a new color palette from this starting point, where the pitch-black has transcended into blackberry and complemented with colors of artichoke, eggshell, bread, raspberry, milk, lemon, and salt.

The font has been chosen to convey playfulness and kindness, and the logo has been updated into a lighter, softer, and rounder form. We created graphic elements, illustrations, and interaction- and motion principles.

Today, customers face a new Mathem where every detail such as grocery bags, delivery cars, and employee uniforms have been refreshed with a new look. Additionally, the website and app have been updated both in functionality and visuals.

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