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Nordiska museet

Past. Present. Future.

Some results since launch:
– Net Promoter Score is at an all-time high (86)
– Brand awareness increase (from 86 to 90)
– Brand likability increase (from 73 points to 77)
– The Museum shop has all-time high sales
– Significant increase of first time visitors
– Amount of visitors in key events have doubled

Founded in 1873, Nordiska Museet is Sweden’s largest cultural history museum, with over 1.5 million objects in its collection and five visitor destinations. Nordiska’s new identity is anchored in the museum’s rich cultural heritage, with each building block of the identity pulled from the building’s imposing architecture and rich graphic archives. The result is a distinct and adaptable brand identity anchored in history but adapted to the modern communication landscape.

A comprehensive inventory of the museum building’s architecture and rich graphic archives provided the foundation for all the building blocks of the new identity. The quatrefoil that appears in the museum’s original seal was refined and became the new symbol and framing device. The bespoke headline typeface and wordmark is based on original drawings and engravings found in the museum building. We created a clear brand identity system that unites the entire Nordic Museum.

"Developing this unique brand identity for our iconic museum together with Bold, has been a very inspiring and stimulating experience for the whole team. Our joint collaboration where internal experience paired with Bold’s exceptional skillset has resulted in a strong and relevant brand identity aiming to last for many generations."

The color palette reflects the prominent materials found throughout the museum buildings interior and exterior architecture.

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