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Every day is a journey

OKQ8 is one of Scandinavia’s largest fuel companies. Formed by a merger of Swedish OK and Danish Q8. The company suffered from a diversified appearance and needed a common graphic language that could unite their communication and digital and physical environments. A complex challenge, solved in a playful and dynamic way. The red and the blue, on a journey together.

In 2012, Swedish OK and Danish Q8 joined forces and formed OKQ8 Scandinavia. Bold was tasked with developing a new visual identity that, in a clear way, linked the two separate companies and which helped to strengthen the image of the company as the customer friendly service provider for people on the road.

We took, as a starting point, what OKQ8 actually contributes to; namely being the fuel company for people in motion. The foundation of movement lies in energy, therefore it was important that the new identity had a dynamic expression that could signal the journey from one thing to another – always with the feeling of a united OKQ8 that meets you along the road, with a helpful and friendly attitude.

 The new visual identity is based on a developed hero element that aims to reinforce the feeling that OKQ8 is in the middle of the constant movement.

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