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The Shirt Factory

Revitalizing a classic fashion brand

The Shirt Factory was founded in 1988 by fashion designer Linnea Braun with the idea to create shirts with high quality at a competitive price. A philosophy they still cling to. Fashionable shirts with perfect fit, finish and high quality has been their hallmark since the start.

Bold was asked to create a new visual identity for The Shirt Factory that should revitalize the brand to the Swedish market. The project included a new logotype, color palette, patterns, signage and packaging.

A crest made up of tailoring equipment paired with a strong yellow color are the main carriers of the new identity. The crest signals quality and attention to detail, and the yellow color signals a youthful cockiness and make them stand out among the competition.

Revitalizing a classic Swedish fashion brand .Youthful, cocky and crafty.

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