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Tidningshuset by Pontus

A typographic dining experience

Dagens Nyheter is Sweden’s largest daily newspaper and when restaurateur Pontus Frithiof was asked to open a restaurant in their offices he solicited Bold to develop its identity. Our solution was to bring together the location’s heritage with a contemporary dining experience by developing a type font based identity, contrasting between establishment and progression. The result was a fresh, playful identity and – as a dessert – an upturn in anticipated sales. Yummy, on both accounts.

The idea was to develop a flexible and attractive tool kit that adds warmth and playfulness in contrast to the austere architecture, as well as work with lettering and typographic characters associated with a newspaper house, journalists and editors. We wanted to communicate that it is Pontus Frithiof behind the lunch, deli and bakery.

Referencing the traditional mastheads and contemporary headlines of the newspaper industry, the juxtaposition between establishment and progression plays out. Not only in the contrast of type detail and reduction, but also in the authoritarian size of signage, set within a spacious and utilitarian interior.

Newspaper roll-printing became an inspiration for all printed materials where logotypes are cropped in half by the top and bottom of the page to give the feeling of print, cut from a continuous roll. The single black ink of newspapers is substituted with a vibrant, contemporary and energetic red, reinforcing the progressive nature of both DN and Pontus Frithiof.

The concept behind the identity is based on the restaurant’s location in the DN skyscraper – home of newspaper publisher Dagens Nyheter – a place of letters and newspaper printing techniques – the visuals from a newspaper world.

"The launch has been a great success. It feels fresh, inviting and unique."

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