The voice of customer experiences

Transcom is global call center company focused on providing smarter people experiences for their partners. When a consumer calls one of Transcom’s clients (e.g. Netflix, UPS, Tele 2) for service, it’s actually Transcom on the other end of the line. 

In essence, they are the voice of their clients but they didn’t have a voice of their own. When we designed their new visual identity, we decided to fix this. Our design system is a reflection of this mission: it gives the brand a strong presence and a smart visual language.

At the heart of this language is a set of graphic elements we refer to as our smart shapes. They combine characteristics of human speech patterns, writing, and machine-based code to create an abstract representation of language.

In use, our smart shapes became a responsive pattern, image style, and a dynamic typeface that are always listening, responding and problem solving. The typeface translates the coded graphic forms of the pattern into readable messages. This echoes Transcom’s role in communicating complex questions, products, and services into understandable information for consumers.

Finally, we dimensionalized our smart shapes making them into an image style that can communicate the more abstract services Transcom provides — connectivity, machine learning, networking, problem solving and communication.

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