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Bold Audio

Bold Audio


What we do

– Audio Identities
– Audio Logos
– Brand music
– Brand sounds
– Notification sounds
– Soundscapes
– Custom music productions

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We give brands a soundtrack worth listening to.

Audio is an essential part of branding: It enhances the visual aspects of a brand, and creates an emotional and memorable connection. Our audio team is a creative production unit with a wide skill set that ranges from distinct audio identities to song writing and sound installations.

The audio team works closely with the visual and motion designers to make sure that sounds and music are always aligned with the overall branding process.


TV 2

TV 2 is the challenger that has grown to become Norways leading commercial broadcaster, and is one of the country’s strongest and most recognizable brands. The sound of our main vignette follows the overall motion principle “the 2 step rhythm”. The first step carries the harmonic expression of TV 2 and the second step resolves the harmony with our hero sound.

The hero sound can be extracted and adapted into various usages such as idents, vignettes and promotional music. It can be used standalone or embedded into musical productions. It works as the audio centrepiece in any environment clearly communicating that you are watching and listening to TV 2.


SCA is one of Europe´s largest forest industry companies and an industry leader in the fight against climate change. However, they lacked an expression that reflected their innovation spirit and love for the forest. As part of our new brand identity we created a musical universe inspired by the force of the forest.

We sampled the sounds of the forest. Capturing the crackling of trees, blowing leafs, birdsong and even sounds of trees hitting the ground. We put them together with natural acoustic instruments with wooden qualities and created the SCA Musical universe. Within the universe is a piano melody witch is used as their audio logo.