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Eurovision 2024

The Eurovision Lights

Eurovision, the world’s largest annual live television event, has skyrocketed in popularity and scale since its inception in 1956, and the competition’s 68th edition in Sweden was in search of a strong progressive visual brand that thrusts it into the future, while also embracing the countless different ways that viewers interact with it in today’s world.

Three main goals shaped the overall approach to this brief: first, to bring a contemporary Swedish sensibility to Eurovision by amplifying clean, intentional design; second, to spotlight a wide array of bright vibrant colours as a break from the visual conventions of previous editions; and most importantly, to adopt a system-first perspective that prioritises adaptability and coherence across stage, television and environmental touchpoints.

‘The Eurovision Lights’ was our answer to this question — a concept built purely on simple linear gradients that take their inspiration from the vertical lines that permeate both the northern lights and sound equalisers, remixed in the neon-pop colours of the Eurovision core brand palette. The minimalism of these gradients contrasts with its maximalist visual impact, forming the basis of a versatile system that can effortlessly flex from expressive to subdued, motion to static, digital to print whilst never looking the same.

Creative and strategic direction: Uncut
Visual identity: Bold
Stage team: Florian Wieder, Fredrik Stormby, Green Wall Designs
TV graphics: SVT
Voting graphics: VXO
Lead motion designer: Kristian Bjureby
Documentation photography: Layers

We merge the beauty of the Northern Lights with a modern interpretation of a music equaliser. A contemporary and flexible visual symphony of light and sound, framing the greatest show on earth.

Image: Daniel Stridh

"Our goal was to create the best live television show on earth and we’re incredibly proud of this stunning brand identity. The team crafted a fresh, innovative look that captures the vibrant spirit of Eurovision — uniting fans around the world and enhancing their experience both on-screen and off. I still get goosebumps and love this unforgettable design."

Öresund Bridge, 10 May 2024. Image: Fredrik Johansson

The use of Herb Lubalin’s classic typeface ITC Avant Garde adds a tinge of 70s retro by paying homage to the decade that saw the rise of legendary pop group ABBA, who won Eurovision for Sweden 50 years ago in 1974.

Eurovision 2024 in numbers:
163 million viewers
156 voting countries
Highest youth audience share on record
486 million unique accounts reached on TikTok
6.5 billion views of #Eurovision2024 on TikTok

Image: Daniel Stridh

Image: Axel Boberg

Image: Ralph Larmann

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