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Banking beyond borders

Majority is the first digital banking service for migrants, offering banking, money transfer and calling services to people whose lives are broader than geographic borders. Together with the Majority team, we have developed a brand platform, name and visual identity that is centred around Majority’s core principle of equality and the belief in a world where people are valued for their positive impact on the world, not their country of origin.


Majority was created to solve a real problem; Migrants are one of the fastest growing population groups on earth and many do not have access to financial services due to strict registration restrictions, high priced bank fees or a general distrust of the traditional bank institutions.

The brand and visual identity were built around Majority’s principal of inclusivity. We’ve translated the name Majority into a graphic device, called the Canvas. The canvas is a geometric grid, inspired by flag designs. It can be brought to life through use of colours, photography, animation and typography. It’s an endlessly diverse, unifying design system that ties together the whole brand experience; from an intuitive banking app, to modular retail spaces and to playful campaign materials.

The first digital banking service built by migrants, for migrants. Developed in Sweden, Majority has now launched in the US. Their mission is to give you the tools, resources and support to thrive in a new country. Majority is a diverse group of proud migrants from over 40 different countries. Working together to create meaningful products that bridge cultural and geographic distances. Offering support every step of the way.

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