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Endless Energy

Swedish deep tech company Exeger has created the world’s leading solar cell – Powerfoyle. Developed in Sweden for over a decade, Powerfoyle is a ground-breaking light charging material that based on the natural principle of photosynthesis transforms natural and artificial light into sustainable energy.

Powerfoyle strongly believes that any significant global impact can only be achieved through change of behaviour. Their goal is to make this transition as effortless and natural as possible. Our task was to create a holistic concept that incapsulates the power of this revolutionary brand. Our approach was to build a design experience based on three principals: transformative, energizing, and unconventional.

Inspired by nature and photosynthesis, the distinctive animations and 3D artistry add life to the material and show the transformative power of the brand, as well as represent the vast variety of shapes and textures the material can take on. The gradients are inspired by the color spectrum of light and the graphic W in the logotype illustrate the layers of the material itself. The solution emphasizes Powerfoyle as a brand full of positive energy.

Light powered technology – inspired by nature.

A ground breaking solar cell material based on the natural principle of photosynthesis. Harnessing the power of light.

"Bold was the perfect partner for us to help catch the magic and positive energy of Powerfoyle. They boldly went where no one has gone before when giving the brand a body and soul."

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