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The intangible feeling of home

Results since launch:
Value of signed contracts: +222%
Branded organic search traffic: +830%
Awareness +100%.

Qasa is a fast-growing European prop-tech company based in Sweden. Today, they run and develop the home rental offering of the major marketplaces in Sweden, Finland, and France under both the local marketplace brands and Qasa. They will continue their expansion across Europe in the coming few years.

Our mission was to create a brand identity that could help position Qasa as the next-generation global home-rental experience. An experience that breaks the transactional category norm and instead focus on making the intangible feeling of home tangible.

We began by conceptually exploring the abstract and emotional value of feeling at home, leading us to the concept “Lovable all around,” where we combine structural and organic forms and harmonize them, just like in a home.

The expressive design language ties all the elements of the new brand identity together, from the distinctive and playful logotype to the typography, illustrations, UI components, and graphic elements. A design concept that extends from a simple and intuitive user experience to expressive out of home communication.

We wanted to create a brand experience that allows people to spend less time finding a place to live, and more on finding a home.

"By focusing on the emotional aspect of home rather than on housing, Bold has brilliantly re-aligned us with our users’ aspirations and helped us challenge, change and beat a homogeneous market."

Capturing the brand’s warm and hearty DNA in a functional way. Generous rounded corners and huggable shapes form the foundation of Qasa’s digital and interactive experience.

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