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SAS Livery

Redefining Scandinavian

Telling a new story of an iconic brand demands dedication. Requires respect. For the first time in over 20 years we are proud to reveal a new aircraft livery design for SAS, the leading airline in Scandinavia. The new livery has been developed in close collaboration with the SAS inhouse design team and is a continuation of the comprehensive brand refresh introduced by Bold in 2015.

The concept chosen for the new livery is a modern take on classic Scandinavian design; simplicity, sophistication, but also confidence and pride. We have updated the base color of the fuselage to a cooler shade of gray and used a new coating material requiring fewer layers of paint, reducing the weight of the aircraft, translating to lower CO2 emissions and reduced climate impact. With the introduction of a new, modern fleet including the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft, the Airbus A350, SAS is ready for a new era.

SAS is a blue brand, and their signature color will now be even more prominent; on the tail fins, winglets and on the crowns of the updated silver engines. The logotype is confidently displayed at the front of the on the fuselage in silver. A proud beacon to the world. The Scandinavian flags have been updated and refined to a minimalistic and modern design. A hidden gem are the whispering poems featured on the insides of the engines, visible from only a select number of seats.

The aircraft interiors have been updated and tailored to the Scandinavian way of travel; materials, colors and lightning have been carefully selected and designed. To make time onboard more enjoyable and to harmonize with the new exterior.

Every line drawn and color chosen is made to feel like home for us, and like Scandinavia to the rest of the world.

An icon, redefined.

"The new livery design is a symbol of our future, a more sustainable and competitive future for SAS, but one that also embraces our heritage."

"The SAS livery is one of Scandinavia’s most important brand icons. The new design reflects our overall brand identity and a harmonization of our entire product design expression."

For the launch of the new livery we were asked to create a 3D trailer animation highlighting the key updates of the new design. All 3D artwork and animation by Bold Motion Studio, sound by Bold Audio Studio.

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