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The force of the forest

Some results since launch:
– Stock market value +70%
= 32 Billion SEK (3 Billion EUR)

A meticulously crafted visual and audio identity for Europe’s largest private forest owner that changed the perception of an entire industry and increased the company’s stock value by 32 billion SEK (3 billion EUR). By using cutting-edge technology, we were able to show the beauty of nature’s ecosystem.

SCA is one of Europe´s largest forest industry companies and an industry leader in the fight against climate change. However, they lacked a visual expression that reflected their innovation spirit and love for the forest. Our brief was to develop a new visual expression for SCA that reflected their innovation spirit, their love for the forest and the renewable lifecycle of their products. A big challenge was to change the perception of the forest industry, which was seen as slow moving and old fashioned.

We started by going to their forests. With SCA´s experts we studied and collected massive amounts of samples. The samples were brought to life through meticulously crafted, hyper-realistic 3D-scans with scientifically correct growth patterns created through advanced rendering techniques. Developed as unique assets, the rendered samples can be used both together and individually. We also created a musical universe consisting of sounds we recorded in the forest mixed with acoustic instruments.

The end result is an infinitely looped 3D-animation of natures ecosystem seen like never before. By using cutting-edge technology we created a visual universe where nature and innovation live in harmony. We call it The SCA Universe. It enables SCA to stand out against its competitors and it is applicable to all platforms.

In the SCA forests we collected hundreds of samples and gave them life through meticulously crafted, hyper realistic 3D scans

The custom made typeface SCA Sans is based on the round shapes found in nature combined with industrial graphic cuts. The inspiration comes from how the circular log is transformed into industrially manufactured wood products such as planks and paper.

"With Bold, we found a partner who became central in the process of redefining the SCA identity. A dedicated, strategic and creative team that challenged us to find our own voice"

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