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Mojang Studios

Power of Play

Mojang Studios are the creators of Minecraft, the bestselling game in the world. But with fierce competition in the gaming industry over who can attract the best talent, gamers and followers, Mojang Studios needed an identity update to fix any bugs and help them stand out.

Play is in Mojang Studios’ DNA. It’s the magic ingredient that makes their games so popular. It informs their brand purpose. It’s even in the definition of their name (which roughly translates to “gadget” in lovely, old-timey Swedish). Play is at the heart of everything Mojang Studios do, so we put it at the center of their new brand identity.

The new design system is built around a collection of quirky little gizmos called The Mojangs. They take the form of six graphic shapes that reflect the playful nature of Mojang Studios. These cute characters feed on inspiration. They’re symbols of crafting and inventing, of collaboration and unbridled curiosity.

From small glyphs in the typeface to oversized illustrations and animated 3D objects–they happily bend and flex to suit whichever medium they find themselves in. When animated, The Mojangs interact with their environment in all sorts of ways, from simple movements, like spinning and rotating, to more complex behaviors. The new identity also includes sound and music design, creating a wholly immersive experience on all platforms.

The new identity has helped Mojang Studios level up their product and game development. It has also captured the attention of their millions of followers, with the launch film reaching more than a million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours.

Some sketches and explorations.

"Bold took the task to heart and created a playful and modular brand that really communicates the values of Mojang Studios. A transformation we are very proud of."

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