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Laura Thomas Co.

Lovingly made in Scotland

Laura Thomas Co., based in Scotland, produces hand-made, all-natural scents, body care products and homewares. We worked closely with Laura to update her brand identity and develop a new packaging range.

The key focus was to bring the story of the product origin to life in the expression of the packaging, referencing both the natural ingredients and the Scottish heritage.
A simple, unique story was written for each product expressing the inspiration and origin of the ingredients and the mood they should evoke. The stories were then wrapped around each box in large text, adding an inviting, tactile experience that became the signature element of the Laura Thomas Co. packaging range.

Completing the brand identity is an understated, yet assured wordmark, establishing a timeless and trusted expression.

The colour palette was inspired by the subtle, muted hues of the Scottish landscape. From the deep blue of the Scottish lochs to the soft pinks of the highland heather.

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