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TV 2

Uniting Diversity

We have created a new brand experience for TV 2. The challenger that has grown to become Norways leading commercial broadcaster, and is one of the country’s strongest and most recognizable brands. TV 2 broadcast live sports, news and entertainment, including distribution of movies and series through both linear and streaming services.

A growing number of sub-brands, and a toolbox not developed for digital channels had led to a fragmented identity. Our task was to strengthen the TV 2 brand. In close collaboration with the TV 2 team we positioned them as one common brand for all entertainment services, and modernized the visual profile for today’s and tomorrow’s platforms, making the consumers more willing to choose TV 2 when it comes to watch and stream TV.


Our concept: Norway is a complex nation, and TV 2 is the melting pot that unites and includes the Norwegian people. By uniting content, seeing each story from several perspectives, TV 2 gives Norway the stories that brings us together. The identity reflects how TV 2 unites and balances these stories. Inspired by the name the concept plays on 2 contrasts, 2 shapes and 2 sides. The logo is created as a unifier that bring these 2 worlds together into new experiences.

The logo unites 2 sides together into a new experience. It also functions as a vessel for motion and UX that connects, activates and reveal content.


A full custom typeface has been created for TV 2 built upon the combination of sharp and soft corners. The typeface is both functional and distinct, and is used throughout all applications and communication.


Our 2 contrasting perspectives helps us distinguish between interaction and states, this is where the design meets function and responds to user input.


The sound of our main vignette follows the overall motion principle “the 2 step rhythm”. The first step carries the harmonic expression of TV 2 and the second step resolves the harmony with our hero sound.

The hero sound can be extracted and adapted into various usages such as idents, vignettes and promotional music.

It can be used standalone or embedded into musical productions. It works as the audio centrepiece in any environment clearly communicating that you are watching and listening to TV 2.


A series of brand idents combining 2 perspectives into something new and unique

Together with CATK we created a series of idents, which focuses on the combination of 2 different perspectives, translating into something new and unique.

With a strong need to communicate to TV 2s diverse audience. We created abstract and diverse idents that mixes different content and styles. Every ident is packed with emotion and tells a unifying story in five short seconds.


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